Life can be hectic.

Let Unreplied help you keep conversations going with the people you care about.

Never forget a reply again.

Unreplied keeps every conversation you forgot to reply to in your status bar.

Just click to open up Messages to that conversation.

  • Supports iMessage™ and SMS
  • Customizable
  • Secure
  • No ads or in app purchases


  • Hide messages from specific people or numbers
  • Hide short codes and unknown numbers
  • Sort by date and hide older messages
  • ...And more!


  • Sandboxed
  • Requires user approval during setup
  • Privileges can be revoked at any time
  • No full file system access
  • No network access

It's time to stop forgetting...

And time to start replying. Click this banner to get Unreplied now.

Not on your Mac right now?

Type in an email address and we can automatically compose a reminder for you. Your email address will never get sent to our server, so no need to worry about spam!

Please note that you may need to be in Safari/Chrome for this feature to work correctly.