Joined GitHub • Discovered IRC • Learned Python


Pure Python Object Oriented framework for developing Internet Relay Chat bots.

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Got into web development • Learned HTML/CSS/JS and PHP • Jailbroke my iPhone • Tinkered with iOS reverse engineering

Roblox Mobile Forums

Fan-made mobile version of the ROBLOX forums using JQuery Mobile and PHP for scraping.

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iOS jailbreak tweak to darken the keyboard permanently.

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Automated fuzzing of .mov files on iOS.

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Continued tinkering with iOS • Learned node.js • Released an app on the App Store


A Romeo & Juliet Jeopardy iOS game with fill in the blank, multiple choice, and true/false questions. Developed freshman year.

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Another jailbreak tweak that invokes the keyboard when you open a new tab in Safari/Chrome.

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My first iOS app on the App Store. Tracks cryptocurrency wallets.

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JSON API for coinmarketcap.com written in node and hosted on OpenShift. Served 100+ million requests.

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Bought a Raspberry Pi • Became programming leader for FRC Team 1991 • Learned Java

Cellular Conquest

Simple cellular biology demo/game using the pygame library developed for the Connecticut Science Center.

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Node.js service for the Raspberry Pi that can control garage openers.

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Doorman Remote

Companion iOS app written in Swift intended for use with Doorman.

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Started working with my school's IT Department • Went to FRC World Championship • Got a job


A Scratch project to control Spotify on OS X using node.js and AppleScript.

Scratch Project


The code for our (FRC 1991) 2016 Steamworks robot. Utilizes WPILib, PID, and other sensors to accomplish game tasks in teleoperated and autonomous modes.

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Sysadmin tool to monitor printers on a network using Python and SNMP.

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PDF-2-DOC Utility

A Python GUI utility to convert PDFs to Word documents by using http://pdf2doc.com

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Led programming for FRC 1991 again • Released my first desktop application • Made a new website for my school and robotics team

UHSSE Beta Website

A replacement for my school's old website.

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FRC 1991 Beta Website

A replacement for FRC 1991's old website.

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A desktop application built on Electron that allows you to organize media in folders using keyboard shortcuts and other intuitive ways.

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